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question re: NIH/NCI's LeGrice and XMRV


Senior Member

I re-read that LA times story from last Nov. in that E DF thread that got revived.


It was pointed out in that thread how he seemed to downplay concerns regarding xmrv in a suspicious way:
"We are in the very early days," said Stuart Le Grice, director of the National Cancer Institute's Center of Excellence in HIV/AIDS and Cancer Virology, who organized the meeting but was not involved in the new study. "The data need to be confirmed and repeated. . . . We need to know that it is a cause and not just a passenger. In a sense, we are at the same stage as we were when HIV was first discovered. Hopefully, we can take advantage of what we learned from working with it."

Le Grice emphasized, however, that traces of the virus had been found in blood samples preserved for 25 years. "This is not associated with a new and spreading disease. We are not on the verge of an epidemic," he said."

So I am wondering if anyone has looked into or speculated on what he might be doing in relation to Harvey Alter's XMRV paper that is being held up since they are both part of NIH. Some have thought that NCI would be the more supportive faction of NIH towards xmrv study but reviewing LeGrice's stance last year is causing me to question that.