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Question for vaccinated people: How have you recovered from Omicron?


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5 mg hydro cortisone twice a day. My heart rate is crazy and i get bouts of dizziness just laying down, like i’m falling or something. Scary with the choking!

I’m just on 0,75 mg of LDN. I think it helped clear the covid but when I went up to 1,125 mg I felt more crashed. Can’t really handle the process atm.

That’s really great news!! It warms my heart, it shows progress is possible🙏 I’m very impressed by you... I will try to be more strict also with resting more, distracting myself way too much with my phone.

Yes for the BC007 we have to wait for the results of the trials that start this summer. I think I have too high hopes for it haha, it just sounds so good.

My POTS is definitely a bit worse btw! Not sure if from being more ill, lower blood volume from being bedbound, or some combination of factors.. Sucks though. Not that I can do anything upright anyway but yeah