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You wake up with morning wood early in the morning thinking it's a sign you will fell well in the morning

Then after the second wave of sleep you wake up with the fluuey aches

Thinking that morning wood is a sign of good health

Have you wondered if the body has tricked you?

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I think that can happen even if someone isn't too well @Davsey27
Or maybe it's something to do with sleep cycles?
I know I'm not a man, but re: sleep...I can sometimes feel much better in some ways when I have had less sleep. I am tired but not unwell. I always feel a bit more symptomatic when I have slept better, a little bit extra in the morning, or am catching up on lost sleep.
Anecdotally erections in the morning for me have been a sign of improvement for me. I used to have significant ED but I have a very healthy sex drive now that I've recovered some... Actually its too healthy and also a source of significant stress fighting off my sex drive so I don't crash myself :O!!


Before this I had a similar experience where I'd only get erections from the 3:30-5:30 AM time frame and otherwise have ED at any other time and only able to get maybe 70% erections.

I think its just circadian rythym hormonal timing in men.