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QUESTION: Can Probiotics Cause Detox reaction?


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N. California
I had a stomach bug a few days ago, with some severe nausea and lots of bloating and yukky gas. The probiotic I had been taking for the past several years, Jarrowdophilous with FOS, wasn't working very well to nix it, so I bought a stronger probiotic, ULTIMATE FLORA Critical Care.

Since starting taking this, my gut symptoms have cleared up, but I have felt very toxic, like I do when I am dumping heavy metals.

Could the probiotic cause a detox reaction?
Anybody have experiences with this? Please share if you do. Thanks.



Yes I've experienced a toxic feeling before when taking this probiotic. It also made me hungrier after taking it. I think the probiotics are mixing with the other (probably bad) bacteria in the small intestine and that sets off an immune reaction that causes us to feel toxic.


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I too had problem with ULTIMATE FLORA Critical Care. I do not know if it is detox, perhaps something wrong with probiotic formula..I am taking formula with higher dose o probiotic now without any problem.


I don't think it detoxes. But probiotics give info to the immune system, and maybe this one is upregulating your cytokines and making you feel sick.

A good probiotic is culterelle--most studied of all.

Another good one recently in the news is b infantis (natren makes it).

That's about all I use.

The fancy mixes--I don't like them. I just need one or two that will give my dendritic intestinal cells the messages they need. To calm down :)