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Question about protease enzymes


Senior Member
Myrtle Beach, SC
I forgot where the post was that I read that an issue could be of not digesting proteins more completely. My question is...if someone has proteinuria and dumping more protein thru urine..will this have a tendency to make your urine color more of a white'ish color? The reason I ask, is because I recently started taking some enzymes with a higher 12,500 HUT count of protease and ever since then the color of my urine is more yellowish. Keep in mind I am not presently taking any B-complex nor am I taking any seperate B2, so the riboflavin would not be causing this. For a long time, prior to taking any B-complex or any B2 my urine has had no tints of yellow color at all.

The other question I have, at the same time I started with the enzymes I also started on a higher dose of Curcumun. I'm trying to find out if the urine color change is more from the Curcumin or maybe I am just digesting more proteins now to yellow my urine color now?

To put it more simply <which is what I should have done to begin with..haha> is the color of one's urine effected by either someones ability or non-ability to digest proteins?