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Pulsatile tinnitus?


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Does anyone experience pulsatile tinnitus as a symptom? This is tinnitus which is linked to your heart beat. Mine is a whooshing noise in sync with my heart.

I have experienced it in the past, but probably only a couple of times over the space of three years. Then when I had covid in April it reappeared and was quite bad for a week. Since then it's come back a couple of times, lasting a few days. I'm wondering if it could be related to PEM as one of the times it happened on a particularly busy weekend.


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I get a sort of cyclical tinnitus. It sounds more like I'm hearing a ceiling fan go round and round even when no ceiling fan is going in the house. It doesn't seem to match my heartbeat though so maybe not exactly the same as what you're experiencing.

The only thing that I've found that helps is Ginkgo and I just do a pinch out of a capsule. (Warning: It tastes bad.)

The Ginkgo also seems to help with the tremors or pulsing I started getting in my body in the last few years.

Both conditions seem to be worse at night when I'm overtired and/or overdid it for the day so you're probably right about PEM being a component.

Edit: Someone warns in the reviews on drugs.com not to take Ginkgo if you have Epilepsy as they said it caused them to have more seizures. :(

I don't have Epilepsy or seizures. I haven't had any other issues either with it but again, I only take small pinches at a time. For anyone wanting to try this (who doesn't have Epilepsy or seizures) as always start low and go slow.

Edit #2: Two other reviews there said it caused them to have vertigo. I haven't had that either but thought I should post this info just in case.
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