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Prostate cancer and benign prostatitis


Senior Member
Los Angeles, USA
Here is some basic information about prostate cancer and benign prostatitis. Ive been diagnosed with both. Im not a doctor. What I offer here is the opinion of a lay person.

Here are the places I found helpful. It would be too much typing for me to explain what each place is about. So just click and see. But I will add that the first two have telephone counselors you can speak with.


For those interested in research-based info about nutrition for prevention etc.

Heres what I take:
Tomato product. I happen to drink V8 juice almost every day. So that takes care of this. But it can be done other ways.

Cruciferous vegetables and red wine. I have no information that says you can use supplements instead, but I take Life Extension, Triple Action Cruciferous Vegetable Extract with Resveratrol

Pomegranate. I take POMx Pills because they are good strength and theres some indirect research supporting their use.

Quantum Prostate Complex. I started taking this before I got cancer. Its for benign prostatitis. I have no idea what the deal is with this; I just take it in case.

Vitamins. There are recommended vitamins and minerals. But because there is a supplement I take for CFS that has all of these (plus more), I just use that. Its K-PAX, Fuel of Life. I take 4 twice a day, not the larger dose.

Of course, there are other choices. And I take other things too, but they are motivated by CFS.