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Proposed 2019 presidential budget for CDC involves zeroing of CFS program

Tom Kindlon

Senior Member
This was highlighted elsewhere but I thought it deserved its own thread.


The CDC CFS budget is substantial: $5.4 million per year.


The Prevention and Public Health Fund is solely used to fund the CDC's
CFS program.

An article about cuts to that is here:

Cuts to Prevention and Public Health Fund Puts CDC Programs at Risk

Reductions from the budget passed today and a $750-million shift of funds to the Children’s Health Insurance Program add pressure to public health initiatives, including immunizations and outbreak responses.

By Ashley Yeager | February 9, 2018

The link says only 800k come from that program so i assume the other 4.6mil come from somewhere else? Either way i would post this on the cfs subreddit also to reach more people, i would do it myself but i don't know the details about this so i don't want to potentially spread false information

edit: nevermind i can't read
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