Prof Kenny de Meirleir's treatment

Is anyone either a patient of Kenny's or following his treatment ideas? I am a new patient of his and about to start with some of his recommendations for treatment. I'd love to hear others' experiences with this.



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Good way to go. If people see a dedicated KDM section and don't have to search it gets my vote..:)

Eventually we could have one for Peterson, Cheney etc too...At the moment there's discussion under Vistide re Peterson but it's not easy to see unless you're really searching. Many thanks Cort...:)


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I have learned a lot from Dr Kenny's videos and I wonder if someone could tell me if this group just has an axe to grind or if their complaints are valid. I dont know if Dr Kenny is still taking ME/CFS patients but I was considering consulting with him but if he is not patient centric I don't want to continue down that path (been doing that for years w/ Drs). He sure sounds patient centric in his videos so I was wondering if this group is being political or has a valid complaint