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Pressure Headache/Flushing


I have Salycilate/Sulfur/Histamine intolerance. Mast Cell Activation. Just figuring it out.
I thought i would feel better when I emptied out the supplement so i wouldn't
ingest the stearate/cellulose but I am still reacting to the supplements. Maybe my mast cells
are activating due to my stress about the whole thing. I have to get rid of most of my supplements,
replace them when I can, get rid of and replace most household products and i can only eat 4 different foods.
Arrrrgh!!!! Anyways, any suggestions on the supplements will help me. It was Seleniium, Calcium Glucarate,
Active B6, hydroxyl B12 and DAO that I put in elemental form. I also take liquid magnesium, iodine, sodium ascorbate, sparga, molybdenum.