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Pressure/ gravity-intolerance..?


Anyone here who can feel that lying down feels extreamly heavy on body?
I mean the pressure from the bed, gravity...
Also tight clothes or a hard chair puts such a load on my body: feel laboured and sqeezed.

Every night i just have to sit up after 3-5 hours of sleep to relieve my body from the " bed-pressure". Takes sometimes 1-2 hours before im recovered from that sqeezed or inner strangled feeling.
Sometimes i have to get up and walk a little also and then go back to sleep.

I get these intense shudders, the ones you get from cold weather or music etc, "goosebump shudders". These shudders makes that compressed, squeezed, strangled feeling release. I also yawn when i wake up like this every night from this reaction in my body. Yawning also makes it release.

I often ignore it, because im SO sleepy but then it comes back even stronger, builds up to a point where i Have to sit up, weak, sweaty, shivering and "squeezed " from deep inside.

Its very clear that its a reaction in my body against the pressure from the bed/ sofa / ground.
Its not a sore back or hip, it rather feels like the arteries gets blocked or the nerve system reacts on something it shouldnt react on. Or that maybe breathe very shallow...?

I had this for 3-4 years...gets worse...:(

Thankful for answers!