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Press Release: Original Analyses Reveal Poor Results of £5M PACE Trial of ‘Exercise Therapy' for CFS

Tom Kindlon

Senior Member
#MEaction press release available to *journalists* from me:


"Original Analyses Reveal Poor Results of £5 Million PACE Trial of ‘Exercise Therapy’ for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"


Journalists can email me for a copy: tom kindlon (all one word) @ gmail dot com.

Has quotes from (and contact details for):

Jonathan C.W. Edwards MD (Emeritus Professor of Medicine University College London);
Keith Geraghty PhD (Honorary Research Fellow in Primary Care Medicine University of Manchester);
Alem Matthees (Patient and requester of the PACE data under the Freedom of Information Act, Australia) (no contact details given);
Dr. David Tuller (University of California, Berkeley);
Simon McGrath (Patient and science-blogger);
Tom Kindlon (Information Officer, Irish ME/CFS Association)

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Tom - what happens to the released data now. Do you know what Alem Mattees plans to do with it, and how soon we will find out any results based on the original protocol?