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Press Release from Rebecca Hansen


Imo: If actions speak louder than words, then through its actions the Danish state has communicated to pharma/insurance - In exchange for payment, we will imprison citizens of your choice for medical experimentation.

As previously shared on mecfsforums, Danish physician Stig Gerdes has called attention to conflict-of-interests and psychiatrist Per Fink. (1) (According to Gerdes) Fink's work has received more than 50 million Danish Krone (DKK) (ca 6,700,000 EUR / 8,400,000 USD) from the Lundbeck Foundation (1), which owns 70% of Lundbeck pharma (2).

Lundbeck's current CEO is Ulf Wiinberg (3), who previously worked for the American medical co. Wyeth/Lederle (New York? Pennsylvania?) for 27yrs. (4) From a 2008 press release:
Wanted: CEO who can find a new "cash cow" to push a Danish drugmaker past impending patent expirations. Found: Ulf Wiinberg, lately of Wyeth, to take over Lundbeck. Soon to be ex-president of Wyeth's operations in Europe, the Middle East, African and Canada, Wiinberg also had been charged with strategic oversight of Wyeth's biopharma. Can Wiinberg deliver for Lundbeck? No doubt we'll soon see what he can do. (5)

(According to Gerdes) Fink's work has also received more than 100 million DKK (ca 13 400 000 EUR / 17 million USD) from Trygfonden (1), which is part of TryghedsGruppen (6),(7).
TryghedsGruppen smba, through its subsidiaries, provides insurance services. Its subsidiaries include Tryg insurance company, TrygFonden smba, Sahva Gruppen, and Health & Fitness Nordic AB. The company also offers healthcare products, home care, and health consulting services. (8)]
(smba = a kind of limited liability partnership? / tryg = safe, secure / tryghed = safety, security)

Tryg is a Scandinavian insurance company present in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The company is the second largest provider of general insurance services in the Nordic countries and is listed on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen.

The current company was created in 2002 through the merging of Tryg and Nordea's insurance activities. The company was listed on the Copenhagen stock exchange in October 2005. Morten Hübbe [education: Copenhagen Business School and University of Pennsylvania Wharton School (9)] replaced Stine Bosse as CEO on 1 February 2011. (10)
Today, Tryg is a financial success with a solid business foundation. (11)

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lundbeck poaches ceo.JPG


Additional note: In 2010, Danish psychiatrist Poul Videbech (also of Aarhus Universty) received a warning from the Danish Medicines Agency (= US FDA) for failing to disclose that he had received payment from Eli Lilly for a number of lectures, selling among other things Zyprexa and Prozac (fluoxetine). (One of Videbech's most recent studies - presented at the World Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology - was electroconvulsive therapy on ketamine-sedated minipigs.)

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