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Prayer Tree for January & February 2015


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I would like to continue the beautiful tradition of the Prayer Tree started by SeaShell and will explain what it is for new members (or for anyone who would like to join in!) Anyone who is interested can join in at any time and when you do, please add your name and tag either myself @Gingergrrl or @rosie26 so we will get a notice that you have joined.

You can choose to be a branch, a root or both:

Prayer Tree Branch:
You are someone who needs prayers for Jan-Feb 2015. Put your name down as a Branch of the tree.
(A branch as a symbol of need)

Prayer Tree Root:
You are someone who is able to pray for the branches during Jan-Feb 2015. Put your name down as a Root of the tree. (A root as a symbol of faith - expressed through prayer - to support those in need.)

All that is required from you is to pray for the branches during Jan & Feb – anywhere, anyhow, anytime – as you can. You can pray every day or every week or whenever you are able to.

You can pray for branches by their names (if you can remember them) or just pray for the PR Prayer Tree Branches for the month.

This tree is non-denominational and does not belong to any specific religion or cultural group, just an image of healing, comfort and growth.

So to start if off...

Gingergrrl- Branch and root
Rosie26- Branch and root

I think there are a few other people from the prior tree who want me to add them but because I am not certain, I will wait for them to add themselves or send us a PM.

I also want to add as branches (to be prayed for) all of the sufferers of ME/CFS worldwide and all the doctors, researchers, caregivers, and people working to find a cure and helping those who are suffering.

Thank you to all who join in and everyone is welcome!