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POTS symptoms


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I was just sent this on a POTS facebook page - a handy meme with a good diagram but I could not copy the diagram alas

Understanding what someone with POTS is going through can be challenging... POTS is a chronic illness with no cure and symptoms may strike at any given moment. ...

Below is a list of SOME of the related symptoms.

-High Heart Rate Upon Standing -Nausea -Vomiting -Digestive Problems -Fatigue -Insomnia -High Blood Pressure -Low Blood Pressure -Temperature Disturbances -Fast Heartbeat -Visual Disturbances -Slow Heartbeat -Urinary Problems -Chills -Fainting -Near Fainting -Lack of Adequate Oxygen to the Brain -Fogginess -Lightheadedness -Dizziness -Non-Psychologically Induced Anxiety -Need for Extra Sleep -Cold or Heat Intolerance -Confusion -Sleep Disorders -Medication Sensitivity -Sensitivity to Light and Sound -Activity/Exercise Intolerance -Headaches/Migraines -Circulatory Problems -Weakness -Dehydration -Reduced Ability to Walk Long Distances -Lack of Appetite -MUCH MORE!

If you know someone with POTS, ask them about it! POTS is an invisible illness. Please do not judge what you cannot see. Awareness and support is key!
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For a severe POTS person. high heart rate on sitting may happen too.

... POTS is a chronic illness with no cure and symptoms may strike at any given moment. ...

True.. but its good to keep in mind that POTS symptoms are usually triggered off in some way. What I call a POTS attack has lots of triggers to its symptoms (not just standing).. eg eatting, heat, blowing up balloons, raising both arms, spending too long upright etc. (there is a good list at POTS place website of triggers)

Its not just standing I need to try to avoid but also I need to try to avoid certain combos of triggers. Sometimes to trigger off a POTS attack of horrible POTS symptoms, it is that one trigger alone may be okay usually but put it with another trigger one one is usually okay with it, the combo can floor you. (combos triggering off POTS symptoms attacks can be harder to work out so anyone with POTS should familarise yourself with POTS triggers).

When I used to be able to get out..eatting in a certain restaurant would often floor me .. I really liked their food and they had big meals (that can be bad for POTS) and obviously their aircon thou it was pleasant for me.. must of been up just a degree or two more then other places I used to eat at but never collapse at. That combo thou individually those two things would of been okay for me, the combo was enough to have me go dizzy, then suddenly blind and collapse down onto the floor and need to be carried out of the place or having to crawl out so not to pass out (on sooo many occassions there).

POTS.. I think many people find it just as hard to understand as they do ME without it.


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Thanks, I'll just paste it in here:



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Thanks @Allyson and @Sushi - helpful and interesting diagram

The Parasympathetic symptoms I can relate to when I am at my worst I think.

Something curious - looking at the sympathetic could trigger the parasympathetic for me. ? Especially with an underlying problem, weakness going on in the immune system.
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