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Post-Pneumonia Care; or what to expect after the unexpected

Of all possible complications and illnesses I've had a moment's worry about because of ME/CFS (lymphoma, heart failure, colds, flus; etc) I never thought about pneumonia. My grandmother (she's had a complete recovery)had it a couple of months ago and an acquaintance a few months before, after compassion, my next reaction was, 'whew! at least I don't have to worry about that'.

Last month my roommate (a smoker) became ill. It took two ambulance trips to the emergency room, two doctor's appointments and two weeks for them to finally diagnose pneumonia. Sadly, it may be too late. She's been fighting for her life for almost a month, in and out of intensive care. Her's is yet another infuriating example of the two standards of medical care; particularly the low-to-no-standard medical care for the poor.

It never occurred to me while helping with her care that I was exposing myself to a possible contagion. I didn't think you could 'catch' pneumonia. But I did. I got through it, mostly. And am now in uncharted territory.

I know what to expect after a cold or flu. But this pneumonia thing is crazy. I haven't left my house for almost three weeks. Each time I tried, I would come home or wake up with flu symptoms! Seriously, the whole chills, fever, body ache things. Even within the house if I over exert, I'll wake up with cold symptoms.

Has anyone with severe ME/CFS had a bout with pneumonia? What should I expect? I'd be grateful for *any* information.


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Yes, I have had pneumonia. The after-effects for me were similar to the "normal" ones after a cold or flu that you described.

The big difference was I was taking antibiotics and had a reaction to these on top - toxic all over feeling, stomach upset/nausea, chest pain.

Then there was a painful/cold sensation in my chest and lungs that lasted for years from the pneumonia. Problems breathing.

Do you know what kind of pneumonia your room-mate has?


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Hi De bergerac, i had pneumonia about 2 and a half years ago after catching measles from my kids. I had a lot of trouble shaking off the infection, i was on antibiotics for months and then eneded up with severe systemic candida and gut problems. I would say it too me at least a year to get over it, it also caused a major relapse. My advcie to you is to take really good care of yourself, take all the supplements etc for the immune system and dont rush to get better. Someone else i know who had pneumonia (without M.E) told me that it takes at least a year to recover from pneumonia fully so it is a long haul. you need to really rest a lot more if you are having these effects. I have fully recovered though and also my immune system is working better in general now than it was beofre as ive had to take it down a few notches for a long while. I also saw a medical herbalist who prescribed strengthening and healing herbs -ive been taking them for 2 years now and am just beginning to lower the dose with a view to stopping maybe in the next 6 months or so.
Take care. Justy.
Thank you Justy and Ukxmrv, I know my roommate's pneumonia was bacterial, but that's all I know. And thank you both for giving me some help to know what I can expect. Hopefully, my SSDI will be granted soon and I can do more for my immune system on an alternative/holistic level.

But I will definitely respect my body's new limitations...or try to *grin*.