post nasal drip.


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Milk can thicken the mucous so that you notice it more. Being lactose intolerant (I am as well) does not mean you have to cut out this great food group completely though. Things like full fat plain yoghurt, Kefir, buttermilk are all good items to improve beneficial gut bacteria, and provide vitamins and minerals. I just take a lactose pill with it.

Microbiome dysbiosis is just a fancy term for an imbalance in bacteria and fungus in your body; too much of the disrupting ones and too little of the beneficial ones, and perhaps in the wrong places. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or Candida (type of yeast) overgrowth are good examples of this. As a simple example, if you have ever seen what sugar does to yeast you can imagine the bubbling and growth happening in your stomach and small intestines. Certain foods also impact the lower esophageal sphincter muscle so that stomach acid can go from the stomach up into the esophagus. Also, when you are lying down during sleep, and there is some leakage it can go up even into the throat. That is a lot of hours of potential constant irritation. The whole esophagus lining does not do well with pepsins (powerful digestion enzymes) coming up from the stomach acid. This causes irritation and subsequenty more mucous and post nasal drip.
Thanks for reply. I do enjoy a Trader Joe's low fat Greek yogurt from time to time, but if it's in the AM - it upsets my tummy. I have a supply of Diflucan at home - get yeast infections (have Interstitial Cystitis).
I am taking Nexiuum - have very bad reflux as soon as I got rare thyroid disease March 2018.
I am down to one/day. I will stop them as soon as I can.

I have Barrett's esophagus.
I stopped taking digestion enzymes - thanks for the advice - didn't know that.
I stopped taking colon probiotics too - seemed to make me worse.

Thanks for letting me know that my stomach acid I have is causing my post nasal drip/mucous.
I need to have an endoscopy - to see if my Barrett's is worse now.

Tonight I tried an IBGuard (with peppermint) - it was amazing - it made me not constipated!
But it is so expensive - 12 caps for almost 17 bucks.