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Possibly huge OMF donation opportunity (86 millions worth)


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I am pretty sure this is legit. I have emailed Linda at the OMF to highlight the website. She can submit a formal application there.

Edit: Actually I am certain this is legit. Or I am at least certain that he has those funds. He included the organisation name in a transaction associated with his account on the blockchain.
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Ben H

OMF Volunteer Correspondent
Thanks for pointing this out-was alerted by another great patient.

Have just upvoted, and would be good if we can upvote more, especially with reddit accounts that are already established. But if not, its fairly easy to set one up and telling your story I think could only help.



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There are a lot of good comments for OMF. Way to go!

Last comment on reddit (not me). I wonder if this is good advice?
Dude if youre serious this is not a very smart or effective way to do this. You can make a much bigger difference if you do it correctly, set up a foundation, allow this to grow and give it to people over time when you really determine what is the best use for it. Just take some time before you give away a bunch of money on a whim, you can and should do better than what is being suggested here.



Hardly anyone is writing about me/cfs, and they are being swarmed by other comments... the plight of having an illness that allows so little energy to spend.

I think he wants official applications on the website pineapple fund (https://pineapplefund.org/), rather than choosing by upvoted comments. OMF, Naviaux, Unutmaz, van Elzakker, Jason, Armstrong, Fluge and Mella - they should all apply. There should be some material left over from all the NIH applications that can be repurposed!