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Positive Trolling


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The funniest clip, i cant find. It said 657 comment on an NHS website praising the staff and services had to he removed out of 658.

This was because it was discovered they had all been written by staff!

The only genuine one left was titled 'Serious failings'...

It did make me chuckle :)

NHS staff should NOT be posting on their services - full stop. It should be a sackable offense.

Why? Because its seriously skewering results, impression, truth.

Whilst there could be some mean spirited people who just make up negatives for no reason (negative trolls i guess)....

i think the majority of us are more than fair, patient and as honest as we can be.

Positive trolling does no good, even though i think some of it is definately well meaning.

In a culture where whistle blowers are turned on and abused and suppressed, i think positive trolls are trying to manipulate poor standards into looking good. But then nothing gets fixed.

Now very equally, in the alternative sector - anecdotal evidence is very important to me...

Side Note on Anecdotal Evidence:

For me and many others, the so called gold standard scientific tests on animals and small groups of humans before being released en masse has deeply failed me.

I nearly died as a baby from vaccination. The daily antibiotics i was prescibed for years caused me serious health problems.

My teenage vaccination was a contributor to my M.E.

The Ro/Accutane caused me intense all over burning body pain etc.

And lots of stuff I tried did nothing at all!

And so for me, NHS drugs and vaccinations are ALL anecdotal evidence based until I am injected with them or take them and I see what they do to ME.

Even then, harmful results arent always immediately noticeable.


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I like to hear REAL feedback from real people whether in the NHS or Alternative Community.

That means No Positive Trolling and No supressing Negative Feedback!


I wonder how much positive trolling has gone on with CBT centres in the UK?
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