POLL: How social were you BEFORE CFS?

How social do you think you were (or inclined to be?) compared to others of your age before CFS?

  • 1 Practically a recluse anyway, much MUCH less social than average

  • 2 I'd say alot less social than others my age

  • 3. Maybe a little less social than average compared to others my age

  • 4. Just about average sociability

  • 5. A little more social than average compared to others my age

  • 6 A lot more social than average compared to others my age

  • 7. Jeez I was the life of the party much MUCH more social than average

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vision blue

Senior Member
Some of the discussions lately on living in isolation has made me start thinking again about what we all were like before CFS.

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
before CFS.

for me the problem is always what was onset? Since I was mild for decades.

And now I am not.

But I used to be the life of a Good Party. But that changed.

(I remember going to a concert, about 10 years ago, standing up against the wall, bobbing to the rock and roll and coming home at 1 am. I was sick for a week..that was PEM before the worsening. I made note I can't stay up this late and be out like this. )

Now there would be no such standing around bobbing.