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Please vote for XMRV Research


Aristocrat Extraordinaire
Hi all,
Charles Shepherd posted this on co-cure today:

The MEA normally takes a relaxed position regarding people from overseas =
taking part in these website polls (because there are obviously people =
from the UK living abroad) and in most cases we are very happy for =
overseas input.

However, in the case the August poll, this is clearly related to the UK =
political situation, and the way in which UK politicians can try to help =
people with ME/CFS on a variety of issues - some restricted to the UK =
(eg DWP benefits; MRC Expert Group, NICE; NHS Services), others being =
more general (eg XMRV).

We would therefore ask that overseas votes are, on this occasion, =
restricted to people from the UK who are currently living abroad.

Our current website tools do not allow this extra wording to be added to =
the actual question, which is why this request does not appear as part =
of the question. Life is vever simple....
Since the MEA have finally made clear that they only wish to have overseas votes from British people living abroad I'd ask that people respect this.

Many thanks,