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Please remember the purpose of the "In Memory Of" forum

Please remember the purpose of the threads in the "In Memory Of" forum.

As this forum is public and exists to both honor those who have died and to comfort those who loved them, the tone of the posts should reflect this intention. Please feel free to add anecdotes, post links to the person’s discussions within Phoenix Rising...or just say how much you miss them. Though these people are gone, they are still very real to us, and not just anonymous names on a website. They were our friends, part of our community, our international family. We cannot bring them back, but we can honor them here.

Please do not post general comments about poor medical care, poor research, political comments, or engage in discussions related to cause of death. Any posts like this will be removed. These discussions can be held in other forums/threads.

Let's use this forum to honor those who have left us.

Thank you.