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PLEASE PLEASE can someone summarize last nights meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Clay, Alabama


Skeptic means you question the results. That's find, we need skeptics.

I don't know about the tests in relation to false positives. Mikovitz said the people getting tested now by them may get false negatives, but not false positives. (Isn't that what she said on Jan. 22?)

I think the contamination issue has been addressed. Someone else want to give the details? I don't remember. But I know she addressed it on Jan. 22.

Did she say she ran each sample four times and take four different samples from each person? Again, I don't recall what was posted about what she said. But I think it was a test run on four different draws from each patient. And therefore, each sample tested once.

Now, I wonder if NCI and CC also also tested each of the four samples before they were able to "find" it.

The reason I think she knows more about the nature of the virus than she is saying is because of all the effort they went into looking for it. That reflects some knowledge of how the nature acts. Remember, even when they didn't find it by the firs testing method, Peterson said they found it in almost all the other individuals by doing other tests.

I would be interested in knowing what Coffin thinks about whether the tests on four draws of each patient makes a difference, since he gave comments in the journal and commented at CFSAC about how good it was as an initial study.