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Please help with Genetic Genie Results


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Hi I'm wondering if anyone could help interpret my Genetic Genie results? I see that my MTHFR is okay but I'm wondering if there is anything I could do about the other mutations? eg. Should I stop using my normal B12 vitamins? Or take something else?

My worst symptoms are PEM, calf muscle pain and cognitive problems after any activity and general fatigue.

I'd be so grateful for any help.

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@JamBob - The only relevant mutation I can see is MTRR A66G. Being heterozygous for this one means that you need 3.5 times as much MTRR to recycle MTR at the normal rate. B12 supplementation is supposed to help with that. Because you have a bunch of not-fast versions of MAOA, VDR and COMT, you might not tolerate methylB12 very well, hence hydroxoB12 might work better.


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Arizona, USA
@JamBob ,

Regarding the PEM, have you tried Source Naturals BCAAs, taken per the bottle? For me, that stopped my muscle pain (related to muscle wasting I believe) and insomnia within a day. Have you had your cortisol levels checked? Low cortisol leads to low stomach acid to low protein digestion in the GI tract, and low ability to convert glycogen to glucose in the liver (thus sometimes hypoglycemia).

If your homocysteine levels are high, you might use TMG to recycle it to methionine by encouraging the BHMT 08 +/+ pathway. But get your amino acid panel done when you get your homocysteine tested. If you have poor protein absorption, you may have low homocysteine but also low other proteins (like methionine). To my way of thinking (that hasn't been tested much less proven), if you have below normal methionine, a low-normal homocysteine isn't telling you anything.

Sorry I have had the experience to have to think this through. But maybe you can see if what I've learned helps you.