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Pills you need while asleep?

What pills help you avoid symptoms at night, giving you better sleep? I don't mean pills that are meant for staying asleep or falling asleep.

For example, I have some kind of OI or OH. I am taking thyroid in the day, and some other pills that improve circulation, BP, etc. If it's day and the pill wears off, I get more symptoms and don't like the feeling. Same with some kinds of allergy treatments. I am thinking of trying them at night. It seems stupid to get in bed with those symptoms. Why not? Unless the pills are keeping me awake or making me wake early.

I have not seen this discussed anywhere. Seems like doctors assume you only need it when you're awake. But sleep quality matters so much! Also for example, I have seen people who wear compression stockings to bed. I feel like I need them all day, and in bed too. Lying on my back or other positions is almost worse for me than sitting, for some reason.