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Phoenix Rising Request for Advisors


Phoenix Rising Founder
Leader.jpgPhoenix Rising is committed to being a leader not only within the ME/CFS field but in how web technologies can be innovatively used to support people with health problems (in our case ME/CFS). We see many ways health support sites could be improved and we plan to make a Phoenix Rising a model of how people with chronic disorders can use web technologies to empower themselves.

Over the next couple of months we plan to unveil a website that incorporates the blog and the former Phoenix Rising website into one entity. Along with that we will provide a Physician Review program specifically tailored to people with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. We will also produce a Community Rising program designed to enhance ME/CFS community participation at the local and regional levels.

Much more is in store but Phoenix Rising could use your help. Right now we have a great deal more ideas than the money or the skills needed to make those ideas come to fruition. As we take on more programs and the non-profit grows we are looking to broaden our base of support in multiple areas. We could use your help in two ways; investing your funds and/or your time and skill in our work.

Advisory Boards - We are looking to find people to serve on Advisory Boards. People on these Boards will provide advice or assistance in various projects, scout out possibilities and provide recommendations and reports to the Board on ongoing and future projects.

People who have ME/CFS or who are caregivers or who support our work are invited to join. If you have ME/CFS maintaining your health is our priority and we ask that that be your priority as well. We work around your health not through it.

If youre interested in developing cutting edge and innovative way to support the ME/CFS community PR is a place you want to be.

Open Advisory Boards

  • Web Work - web technology is an emphasis; web programmers(PHP: in particular), designers, social networkers, system administrators, etc. are needed to enhance and maintain our current programs, develop new ones and scout out new possibilities.
  • Fundraising and Marketing - This may be the most vital area for PR. PR is a very lean organization and we can and do get a lot done with a little. Given that assistance in fundraising and marketing would reap large dividends for us, and, we believe, for the community.
  • Non-Profit Administration and Management - We are learning how to work effectively as a non-profit as we goPeople with a background in non-profits could greatly assist us in non-profit management, long -range planning, etc.
  • Media and Design- some of our projects will require design and video skills. CSS experience, photo and video editing are three areas that could make a major difference for us.
  • Advocacy - We are looking for people to flesh out PRs stances on issues, muster support, spot opportunities, suggest programs and additions to the website, and generate action
  • Legal Advice - As PR grows legal advice is becoming more and more important and is a vital need.

Others - Got ideas? Let us know.

If youre interested or think you might be interested please contact us on this thread or at phoenixcfs@gmail.com and leave your phone and/or Skype number. Thanks!