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Phantom Touch Illusion


Senior Member

"We show that the phantom touch illusion is described by most subjects as a tingling or prickling, electrifying sensation or as if the wind was passing through their hand."

That sounded something like some descriptions I'd read from PWME, so I thought I'd post the link. If ME is messing up brain function, it could cause this sort of phantom sensation. I see 2 threads here about phantom smells.

Another quote: "It could even help to deepen the understanding of neurological diseases and disorders that affect the perception of one's own body."

Science Daily also had this article: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2023/11/231114143711.htm which is about how our brains process watching other people do tasks, which turns out to be predicting how the tasks would be done. I can't recall any specific ME complaints involving that, but I wouldn't be surprised if some PWME was having trouble learning from watching others.