Personal Message To Prof. Simon Wessely

I see from one of Holmsey's posts that you, Prof. Wessely, appear to read some of the threads on here. Well, I'd just like to say to you that it's a FACT that my life has been made a thousand times worse than it needed to have been over the last 20 plus years directly as a result of YOU and YOUR like-minded colleagues actions and work. It is because of you Wessely that a climate of suspicion and mistrust of ME patients exists in the UK. It is because of YOU that the medical profession treats us largely with contempt. It is because of YOU that we have to fight so hard to obtain benefits under the constant implied accusation that we are workshy malingerers. It is because of YOU that so many ME patients have been made to feel in so much despair that they have taken their own lives. It is because of YOU that crass media outlets such as the Daily Mail can run ignorant polls asking ignorant members of the public that have taken their cues from your skewed output to vote on whether ME is a real illness. I could go on, and on, and on......

So Prof. Wessely, how can having created such a hellish climate for those of us living in the UK, be defended by yourself? Do you feel good about having made people such as myself feel real despair? How are any of your, and your close colleagues, actions any positive help whatsoever? How about sign up on here and give us an answer?


well said Sparklehorse

Let us not forget those who have died from M.E./CFS and its complications, and the many who have committed suicide in despair at the lack of understanding or medical treatment, and those who exist in a living death in darkened rooms unable to talk, walk ,swallow or open their eyes.

In taking the UK taxpayers' funding for research and treatment into our physical illness for nearly three decades, and giving in return only contempt and psychobabble whilst deliberately muddling us up with psychiatric patients, some members of the UK psychiatric profession appear to me to be guilty of incredible evil.

The Gilderdale case goes to court next week. If the money that the UK psychiatric profession have wasted had gone on biomedical research and treatment, that young woman might be both alive and well now


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Open invitation to Simon Wessely to BBC Debate

Dear Mr Wessely

are you prepared to challenge me to a tv debate concerning your practices for the last 25 years on the issue of ME/CFS. I would like to ask you questions about your belief systems, research papers and lectures etc.

In light of the current WPI research this could be compelling viewing.

As you are always keen to have your voice heard in many publications this could be an opportunity for you to reach the public with your understanding of the neurological disease defined by the WHO Known as ME

I eagerly await your reply if you are indeed following this Forum.