Penis issues

Had Lyme disease, abused amphetamines for over a year to counter the fatigue until I figured out I had Lyme.

Crashed after awhile on the amphetamines, and one of the first symptoms I had was a tight and shrunken penis in mornings and whenever I exerted myself.
Along with PEM

I’ve also seen this called hard flaccid syndrome
I’ve had multiple saliva cortisol tests with low morning cortisol and then it normalizes. This goes hand in hand with how my penis and testicles are right in the morning and then release to normal as the day goes on, except if I exert myself, then it goes back to being tight.

any other males, obviously, ever have this?

im trying to determine if this is an adrenal issue or cfs

I’ve had this issue for over 10 years and have tried every adrenal treatment I can think of, with no relief
I’ve had some success with an adaptagen cocktail called daily stress formula that helps with the penis tightness but not the pem

I also have either adrenal aches or sometimes a stabbing pain.

over the 10 years I have put on 80 lbs
I’m 6’2 280 now

ive tried low dose HC. First time was just 5 mgs in morning, the other was a 10-10-5 protocol. Both with disastrous results. Seemed like it was enough to stop or slow my own production but not enough to support me.
I’ve thought possibly another try but at a much higher dose that will fully support me might be worth a try. Especially because of my size
Maybe a 20-10-5 protocol or something
But it seems that I don’t need HC most days, because I feel normal, unless I’ve exerted myself or drank alcohol the prior day.

anyway, any help would be appreciated
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Yeah, amphetamines will destroy sex drive in my experience. If I take 20mg of Vyvanse for a single dose, my sex drive will be shot for about 5 days.

Have you experiemented with SERMS at all? In my opinion a combination of the right peptides along with SERMS should be successful at repairing and then rebooting the HPA/HPT axis.