PEM & Sensory Overload From Flourescent lights


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Hi @crypt0cu1t

This was a HUGE problem for me, especially during and after doctors appointments, because the exam rooms always had overhead fluorescent lights!

Back in the day, about 6 years ago, I did a ton of research and ended up investing in a pair of glasses with specially tinted lenses from the University of Utah. I believe they are refered to as FL-41.

There are many knockoffs available online, but for me, it was worth the time and effort to coordinate with the eye center at the University of Utah, send them a pair of frames, and get the specially tinted lenses installed. I got "plano" lenses, which means zero eye correction. If you regularly wear prescription lenses you can get those made and tinted as well.

Honestly, theses made a huge difference for me, and I not only wear them in florescent light situations, but also when using the computer.

Here's a link:

I hope you, and others, find this info helpful.


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Does anyone else experience severe worsening of symptoms following flourescent lights in stores?

Fluorescent and LED light are terrible for increasing my symptoms. I rely on incandescent bulbs in my house. I also can't tolerate modern computer displays. I rely on an old laptop with a faded display set to light text on a dark background. Even with that compensation I can't tolerate it for more than a few hours per day, and still get increased brainfog and some other symptoms.