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PEM in a foreign country?


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Hello guys and gals

Hope you are doing well. I Had a bit of a emotional experience
about 4 days ago with my passport expiring then ;osing my debit card down here in the Tropics
in South Mexico.

Good thing the debit card arrived in the mail. I have had Moderate CFS for about the last year or
So.Usually, when I crash after a day of resting I recover.By eating plenty of food and doing much of nothing

This time 48 hrs later still sore and walking to the Store down the block to get myself food felt like

pushing through PEM.Muscle weakness and fatigue.I am providing the body with plenty of calories.Lots of
Bread for carb fuel and eggs for protein and still feel Semi bedridden.Part of me is like how would I make
If back to the airport at some point and travel in this state.My room is a mess as well as dishes unwashed.

I was able to wean down Klonopin to every other Day .25 mg at one point.When I first got CFS.Klonopin0.5mg 2x a day got me to moderate from bedridden.I would not like to be dependant on a benzo for this

How does one deal with this?

I took isoprinosine 500mg 1-2x a day about a week ago for 4 days started feeling good before
the day my passport expired.I stopped taking this med and later tried it without any help.I know this was triggered by 1 night of insomnia.

The night before my passport expired calling my Mother and father in the Us with racing thoughts
Asking for someone to fly out here and get me.This is an autoimmune conditon this ME.I thought to myself can an emotional event lead to prolonged symptoms like this

Anyways i appreciate any input

Thank You
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Stress and loss of sleep are the worst things for causing PEM. My advice would be to rest. Easier said than done especially when you have to walk out to get your food. I do know. I live in the UK but live very much like that in my rather remote location; a "3rd world lifestyle".

The only thing I can suggest, in the absence of anyone who may be able to help you or the possibilty of deliveries(?), is get some kind of wheeled trolley or the like, go to the place you buy food, buy enough to last a week or more, bring it back and then rest up seriously in as much peace as you can find, for as long as you can on your supplies. Do nothing and try to think nothing but healing and rest.

Gather some strength before you start trying to make it to the airport. Then when you have regained some strength, plan your trip home.