PEA / Palmitoylethanolamide causing anxiety


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Hi all, I took a dose of PEA on Sunday evening and have been having a lot of anxiety and a little pain and agitation since.

Does anyone know what the mechanism could be?
.I'm wondering if this can cause die off? Or know what might help?

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Second star to the right ...
.I'm wondering if this can cause die off?
"Die off", or the Herxheimer's reaction. is largely a myth, generally used to explain the negative effects of the more natural or alternative treatments rather than admit they were a poor choice and the body is reacting to something it doesnt much like....

Other than that useless bit of info, I got nada ....

PEA belongs to the endocannabinoid family, a group of fatty acid amides that have been studied for their pain relieving effects ... PEA triggers the release of two neurotransmitters: dopamine and norepinephrine, so you might be reacting to that.