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Patient has made a $1M matching grant to the Mt. Sinai ME Center!


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NYC (& RI)
From European Society for ME on Facebook:


News from Dr Enlander:

The Mount Sinai Medical Center has opened an ME/CFS clinical and research center in New York. This has been funded by a patient of Dr Derek Enlander who donated a matching grant of $1,000,000. We encourage ESME members and patients to contribute to the fund. Contact Dr Enlander at denlander@aol.com

Of course we encourage this as ESME Team to contribute funding to this new ME center in New York.


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I'm really excited about this, especially because he is my doctor and I think very highly of him.
I hope it will be successful. The more people doing studies from different angles, the better chance we have on finding something that will make sense.


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A big thanks to the patient of Dr. Enlander's for making such a bold matching fund donation. Matching donations of this magnitude help tremendously with much needed funding and the $1,000,000 figure is one the gets attention. Especially coming from a patient, it conveys a commitment to the research community that patients affected by this dreaeded disease the we are ready to fight the fight.

A great big thanks to this patient of Dr. Enlander!!!!!
It is my understanding that a patient donated the money for Dr. E to collaborate with Mt. Sinai to create the ME/CFS Center. I think it is made payable to Mt. Sinai, earmarked for Dr. E and the ME/CFS Center. I'll keep my eyes open for donation specifics.