Partly recovery + larger muscle groups


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I partly recovered 2017/18 untill my CFS worsens again.
In the meantime my CFS improves again to some degree and I am able to do some short gym work outs. (doing so is important for me to keep any Fibromyalgia joint pain at bay)
Strangly, I noticed exactly the same curiosity like 2017: For example I am able to press some decent weights overhead without that it hit me or my shoulders any hard, but on the other side I have really serious trouble to get any larger muscle groups like the legs working.
Usually training my legs crash me to some degree and I get PEM, but I am able to handle this.

Is this a Fibromyalgia or more CFS related problem with the larger muscle groups?
Has someone who recovered to some degree noticed the same problem , that the smaller muscle groups show somewhat faster improvements and any larger muscle groups still keep to be somehow stubborn?
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