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Paleness when overdoing it


Senior Member
Hello everybody,

ca. 1.5-2 years ago (this was ca. 2.5-3 years after the disease started), I started to get paleness when I overdid things. I never got pale in my life, even not during the flu or other bad infections. Today, it is a sure sign I did far too much and that I will get a worsening.

Does anybody know this, too? Does anybody know what may be the cause of it/the mechanism behind it?

Blue Jay

Senior Member
I suffer with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - I'd say moderately - and go really white whenever coming into contact with someone wearing perfume or scented laundry products so I presume my body is reacting in the best way it can to deal with something it doesn't like. I'd forgotten about the perfume thing until last week when a visitor came in doused in aftershave. Most of the time I'm able to avoid it with not venturing out a lot.