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Pain/Fatigue Relief?

My name is Keith Fowler and I am a Navy Veteran who suffers from chronic hip/leg pain from a service connected disability that has translated into chronic fatigue. No doubt that the fatigue comes from the sleepless nights from the pain, the abundance of narcotics that I have had to take to combat the pain that then resulted in drinking too much coffee that then resulted in not being able to sleep that resulted in the cycle never ending. I have all kinds of treatments to help the pain from deep tissue massage to chiropractic to acupuncture to reflexology to myopractic to decompression traction to cortisone and colchicines injections to pain medications from meloxicam to tramadol to hydrocodone.

About a month ago I went to a pain management meeting at a local chiropractor and was introduced to these homeopathic acupressure patches that are placed at the site of pain and/or specific acupressure sites that help relieve pain as well as increase energy. I had the opportunity to actually try the patches and found my pain level go from an 8 to a 5 within the hour I was at the meeting. Ive been using the patches for the past month and I am living now at a daily pain level of 4 instead of a daily 8. I am sleeping through the night without pain or sleep aids. I used to miss about 1 day of work a week because of the discomfort and fatigue and currently havent missed a day of work since being on the patches. It is amazing the difference in my daily life with that lower level pain.

This may be something for you to look into. People have the opportunity to go to the meeting and try the patches to see if they work for you. You will know pretty much right away whether or not the patches will work. If they dont work for you (they might not) you will know and you can leave not worse they you were when you walked in. But if they do work, this could help you daily life tremendously.

If you are like me this may be worth looking into. I was at the point where I was willing to try anything. I tried this and found relief. I hope that you can find relief through this as well. Here is the link.


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Keith, my first impression was "oh no" he's trying to sell us something but I did take a look at the video. A few years ago I was injured in an accident and am still in pain from the accident. I'll take a look at the video when I can.

Recognise that you have really been through a lot and the range of treatments you describe is awful. Can imagine what that would have been like.

In my own case cooling the area helps with the pain so it may be useful to me.

Do you know that is in these patches?

Anyone else tried these?