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Pacing: Very interesting HealthRising article re HR and HRV monitoring and pacing - I may finally spring for an HR/HRV monitor!

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@Hufsamor @Judee - thanks for the advice. My watch isn't quite the same in getting to the activities, but your directions were enough to help me figure it out. Once in the activities, the details for setting things up seem the same. Now I just have to figure out how to remove all these shortcuts I'll never use!

How long does it take the new watch to calibrate for proper body battery readings?
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Now I just have to figure out how to remove all these shortcuts I'll never use!

Are you talking about the widgets on the watch?

If so on my watch it's:

-hit the 3 menu bars in the upper left hand side of the screen,
-then Garmin Devices,
-and choose the watch you're using,

and then hit the - (minus sign) next to the ones you don't want to see on the watch and they will move to the Hidden Widgets at the bottom of the screen...IF your app is the same. :)

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Wonder if someone could please help me… I have realised that data from a fitness tracker might be invaluable, so want to buy one. Unfortunately my cardiology appointment is on August 17th.
rs. But it would be handy to have a constant record of pulse and ox sat.
  • I have a hiatal hernia and can’t possibly wear anything that has a chest strap
  • I find watches (wrist straps) slightly uncomfortable so I might not wear one if I bought it
  • I don’t want or need to receive emails on my wrist
  • I don’t want my data stolen and don’t want anything owned by Google or Amazon
  • Would be handy if the device was waterproof
  • I can afford something expensive, but don’t want to pay like £600 for a fancy watch
  • I don’t care what it looks like
  • I use Android phones.
company; I admit Google might buy because, at £35, it’s really cheap, and I might be able to get some data filed away in time to show the cardiologist.

I humbly beg someone to give me an encouraging word because I’m suffering from choice paralysis.

This is an old thread abd have t read yet to see if problem solved. As a fellow sufferer of analysis paralysis i get it

I just finally got a tracker. I think kt ch ls of some tho not all of your boxes- i had some of the same wish list as you

I got a polar versity sense. It does NO go on either wrist or chest- you cwn wear on upper or lowere arm. I thinknother sites work too but thats what they advertise it

It measures heart rate but thatd it. And ots waterproof. Its not owned by google...

One of the reasons i got it (besides the where you wear the tracker) is that you can record without having to ne near a phone or app. In gmfact, it can store severwl hindred hours. And then when you turn it off it will synch with app or website vis bluetoth. That was importwnt to me since i do not want to be a bluetooth receiver. You can tho if yku like continually wat h your heart rate on ykur phonr if yku want vis bluetooth. It is not immediate tho a d theres a few seconds delay

So far I've tried it while napping, while unpacking a delivery, while on a zoom call, and during household chores. Tonight hope to try sleeping overnight

Ive already been surprised by the data. I wish i had this before to compare to now

Its easy to use but both the manuals and youtube videos are really bad.

Yes is compatible with android (and ios and computer). Im using the polar flow app. If like to see if there are third party apps that provide more details tho not sure if one has to use polar flow if you use it in recording rather than live mode mode like i do

I looked into that ring you mentioned but disnt like how it worked. Itvworks only by showing you DEVIATIONS from your own norm which it establishes after youbwear it continuously for a couble days. Not for me at all im prrfectly capable of calculating my own deviations from my normal.

Ok now will read thru some of the posts and see what you ended up getting

Im tempted to also get one with pulse ox but i guess one thing at a timr. Me

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Yes, I got the Garmin Vivosmart 5, and it's been really usefu;! I was able to take screenshts from the app and email them to the cardilogy dept to show them what my heart was doing. It's been realy handy to look at the data and see my heart rate spikingg every time I stand up (I knew it was doing this, bu it's nice to have proof lol). it does need charging and waashing every other day, but I think it's worth it.

Unfortunately the pulse ox raedings vary very wildly, and when I tried to use them to prove to my GP that I was having trouble breathign through my nose, she saud, "Fitness trackers are not reliable at all." So... you win some, you lose some!