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I had an interesting experience a couple of days ago. I’ve tried to do some research but haven’t found anything online at all.

I have been granted funding for massage to try help out with cfs/pots symptoms - fatigue, inflammation, numbness & pain in extremities and brain fog. The idea being that circulation is improved, infammation reduced and immune system boosted.

I’ve had a few sessions now, full body massage seemed to help, targeted massage hands and arms didn’t. This week it was suggested that ortho-bionomy could help. The masseuse keeps saying that my fluids are slow. She thought ortho bionomy might open up my body and teach it to remain ‘open’. I’m over 4 years with cfs/pots and I’m open to anything that can help, even if it gives me just a few minutes more activity time each day.

I won’t lie, i found it quite weird. Pushing, pulling, rolling... i was a bit sceptical. I woke the next day with a killer unusal headache, aching shoulder and tender neck. It took hours to shake the headache, painkiller coctail and a bit of self massage. I thought that was the end of my attempt, only i found that when i got up and did the tasks i had lined up i managed to get a reasonable amount done. I’d rest in between and try a bit more, and I wouldn’t get my warning signs that i was trying too much. I definitely had a haze of fatigue but it never got as bad as i would have expected, even just being upright for those periods.

It’s only been a couple of days since my session, I don’t really know if it has done much but i wanted to do some research and find out if anyone else has tried it and what their thoughts are. My only conclusion at this point is that today I’m feeling reasonable (which is good!) and that I’m open to trying it again..