Optimal FREE T3 range science

Hi All,

I have read that the optimal FT3 range should be in the top 25th percental of the "normal range".

I've just had my FT3 tested, it comes up as 4.5 pmol/l with the lab range of 3.5 - 6.5. Doc, of course, says it's normal, but it is not in the top 25th percentile. So I'm concerned that it's too low, (it works out as about 2.9 pg/mL)

Can anyone point me to some scientific articles of why my FT3 needs to be in the top 25th percentile that I can show my doc? I'm pretty sure he'll ignore all the articles I've found so far.



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Old post but. ....some people feel okay with t3 over the half way mark (your half way is 5 ). Some patients have to get t3 to top of range to feel okay.
It really depends on quality of life and symptoms.
To rationalise dosing based on symptoms you need a doc that is open to it.
Or like thousands of others , you take it into your own hands and experiment.
There are studies out there that make a case for t3 levels but doctors have a set of best practice guidelines with steps for treatment that they adhere to.
T3 levels can fluctuate so it's best to have a few tests and check other thyroid markers as well.
How are you now?