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Online Study on Health Assessment Questionnaires


Moose Enthusiast
This is a relatively easy study to participate in, so I thought I'd pass it along:

Tufts University Study on ME/CFS Health Assessment Questionnaires. Tufts is seeking people with an ME or CFS diagnosis to participate in this online study: www.tinyurl.com/TuftsMECFS. The study presents good and bad questionnaires that have been used in ME and CFS research. Many of the questionnaires may be frustrating or upsetting because they are not appropriate for ME or CFS, but please give the response you think is most correct, even if none of the options are right. It is a study about how people answer these questionnaires. Participation will take about an hour, but you can stop and return as long as you leave your internet browser window open.

The point of this study is to both assess existing questionnaires and help develop a better one in the future. Funding for this project is from Dr. VanElzakker at Mass General Hospital.