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#OMFScienceWednesdays-The hunt for elusive pathogens in ME/CFS, by Jaime Seltzer, M.S

Isaiah 58:11

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A Sun-Scorched Land
What about fungal DNA in the sinuses and/or gut?

My husband had a coworker whose wife had ME but who was eventually diagnosed with a fungal sinus infection and cured. I had a stepped onset: food poisoning, tick bite, then, right after I let my husband, full-blown ME. My husband has had headaches and massive snoring issues since we met. Eventually, I was diagnosed with MARCoNS and then told by a toxicologist that only mycotoxin exposure could be the root of my illness and was put on oral and intranasal Amphotericin B. (Please note that I disagree and think bacterial toxins are just as damaging.)

I nearly died from the die off! But then I started feeling better. The problem is that I did not complete the 9 months of treatment and then relapsed.

Anyway, I think that the building where my husband worked had toxic fungi which came to inhabit the sinuses of the employees and was contagious with close contact. I expect that the men in this situation didn't have ME because their genetics, immune insults, etc. were different that ours.

Anyway, my doctor said if it is in your sinuses it is in your gut via post-nasal drip. Perhaps someone should look for Staphyloccocal toxins or DNA from, say, Aspergillus in these locations?