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OMF-You make these breakthroughs possible!

Ben H

OMF Volunteer Correspondent

Dear all,

Thanks to our incredible community the Second Annual Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS at Stanford University and the three day working group meeting, sponsored by OMF, far exceeded our expectations. More than 5,000 people from around the world participated (300 attendees and over 4,800 live stream).

World-class researchers' presentations were each incredible and showed great insights into the molecular basis of ME/CFS, and our supporters demonstrated their personal commitments and depth of knowledge. These meetings presented many new opportunities for OMF to expand the research we are funding and accelerate the pace today.

Your past support of OMF has helped us to offer incredible events like this. Sponsoring research events like this is part of OMF's mission to bring you the latest information while helping fast-track solutions.

The momentum for ME/CFS research is at record levels. Today we need your support to continue to expand groundbreaking research to end ME/CFS.

Every Donation of Every Size Brings Us Closer to A Cure.
To end ME/CFS, the world is counting on brilliant researchers openly collaborating.

Please donate today to keep this momentum growing and help us reach for a cure.

Thank you for giving what you can today.


Linda Tannenbaum
Founder & CEO/President

PS - Please forward this message to family and friends. Encourage them to join you in your support of OMF's research for treatments and a cure.

@Janet Dafoe (Rose49) @AshleyHalcyoneH


Senior Member
SF Bay Area
I would like to encourage everyone to help OMF, Ron Davis, and the research team, and here are two ways to contribute even more money without cost to you!


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(After registering my family's credit card, $50/mo. is now going to OMF from our local grocer. That is more than I donate directly to OMF and it has more than doubled what I can contribute.)

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