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OMF-Individual Community Symposium Talks Available on OMF YouTube Channel

Ben H

OMF Volunteer Correspondent
Hi guys,

You should now be able to view the individual talks from the recent Community Symposium-great if you liked a particular talk or want to forward them on to interested parties!


Individual Community Symposium Talks Available on OMF YouTube Channel

The individual talks from August's Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS are now available as separate videos in a playlist on OMF's YouTube channel.

Have a look to check out the speakers you are interested in hearing from, or the panel discussions where they answer questions from our worldwide audience.

The DVDs will be available soon and can still be ordered here.


Visit our website to learn more about the Symposium and OMF's research.

Also-DVD's still available to order above!



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When I first saw a video of Ron in my subscriptions box, I assumed he was going to lay the smack down on the NIH. Slightly disappointed...