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Old post on immune abnormalities in xmrv +


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Theres an old post on immune abnormalities in xmrv positive patients and a study suggesting elevated cd8 lymphocytes and poor nk dysfunction are common in xmrv. At the moment funds stop me from getting tested for xmrv but others who have tested positive to xmrv, have they also had testing showing elevated cd8 lymphocytes and poor nk function???

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18801465 ,this study appears to have come from Italy, so xmrv is being found in other countries just not common knowledge.

appreciate anyones advice or experience with this.



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this is from an old post. i'm re-posting here, now:

Treating cytokine up/down-regulation

WPI & NCI Paper

"Type 1 IFN Pathyway Response to Viral Infection in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"

Mikovits,J. Hagen,K. Peterson,D. Stephens,R. Lombardi,V.
Whittemore Peterson Institute, Reno, NV, USA. Laboratory of Experimental Immunology, National Cancer Institute-Frederick, Frederick, MD, USA.

118 CFS patients
138 Controls



IL-8: 1045
MIP-1a: 763
MIP-1b: 1985
IL-6: 336
TNF-a: 148
IL-1b: 500
IP-10: 98
IFN-a: 35
IL-13: 28
IL-7 160


IL-8: 13
MIP-1a: 91
MIP-1b: 164
IL-6: 29
TNF-a: 13
IL-1b: 56
IP-10: 32
IFN-a: 60
IL-13: 86
IL-7: 60

Guide to Chemokines/Cytokines:

IL-8: RNase L & CMV activated
MIP-1a: Elevated in neurodegenerative disease
MIP-1b: Elevated in neurodegenerative disease
IL-6: Stimulates chronic inflammation
TNF-a: Stimulates chronic inflammation
IL-1b: Stimulates chronic inflammation
IP-10: Interferon response protein
IFN-a:Stimulates macrophages and NK cells to elicit an anti viral response
IL-13: Inhibits inflammatory cytokine production
IL-7: Stimulates proliferation of B & T lymphocytes & NK cells

Summary and conclusions:

Cytokine and Chemokine profiling in combination with machine logic algorythms reveals an inflammatory signature consistent with an over-expression of herpes virus and is useful for diagnosis for CFS

more info on cytokine and chemokines


http://www.forums.aboutmecfs.org/sho...915#post127915 (posts #401 and those after it)