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OI, Coathanger pain and recliner wheelchair use

Am new to this site. Have been trying to find out if anyone has found recliner wheelchair helps when they have both OI and coathanger pain


Senior Member
I guess. Some swear by exercise to improve their symptoms, others say it makes them worse. for me I find that the first three months of a flare I have to be very careful, then it improves from there but that is just me.


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I've not tried a reclining wheelchair (UK NHS near me doesn't provide one) but I found that a wheelchair with leg supports so that my legs are raised in front of me was much better for both OI and pain in my case. It was also important to have the wheelchair very padded and supportive. The NHS physio I saw arranged for the leg supports and fitted them.

(exercise BTW makes it much worse for me and increases my ME symptoms as part of the PEM that goes with the disease).

Hopefully someone else can advise on the reclining wheelchair.


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Australia, Melbourne
have not tired one but that is my ideal; i think with a recliner wheelchar I could do so much more
really feel standing or sitting up causes most my problems
i need a lightweight, portable one that you can then preferably steer yourself - so with a light electic motor
surely if they can put robots on mars they can invent something like this so we can live normal lives
must fold up to fit in the car easliy or be wheelable by yoursilf when not sitting in it.
also recline a lot so in the cinema you can lie back with your legs up.
consider my order placed - massage function a bonus!