Oh i soo wish!!!


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Sth Australia
This is what is coming up in one of the ads on my computer

umm it gets me how health places get away with doing so many false claims.

Thou some of the things on their following link they certainly may aid http://www.activehealthclinic.com.au/cfsme-program/ ..some of that is false promises eg

What does the program do
•Allowing you to complete a ‘normal day’ or return to work through graded increases in your exercise baseline (with no increases in symptoms)

Wow.. I need a miracle like that... I'd love to complete a "normal day" or return to work!!!.

How does these medical sites get away with such bullshit statements which for most of us here those things dont help at all. They are truely preforming miracles if they are helping us all get back to work..

(wondering if someone should put in a complaint about the "false promises" they are making.. there is nothing there about how it may not help some at all. If natural health therapies made claims such as that without truth.. they'd be made to take their stuff offline.. how come the medical profession get away with non accurate claims?).

In Australia.. where should false medical statements be complained about too?