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Off label use of Abilify shows promise as a treatment for ME/CFS (Journal of Translational Medicine)


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Just published:

Off label use of Aripiprazole shows promise as a treatment for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): a retrospective study of 101 patients treated with a low dose of Aripiprazole

In summary, the number of positive responders in a group of 101 patients taking aripiprazole was significantly greater than the number of patients who did not respond or had negative experiences. Also, the magnitude of perceived improvement was significant. Some patients failed to observe any benefit, and a small subset of patients experienced side effects that required the medication to be discontinued. Overall, these results suggest that aripiprazole may effectively reduce symptoms of ME/CFS and warrants further investigation in a randomized clinical trial.
Qld, Australia
I'm following.

It would be nice if they used ME (ICC) and monitor the result by different severity level because many severe ME patient cannot tolerate antipsychotic medicine even it's low dose.
I get confused with different type of antidepressants. This one seem to be targeting dopamine level, rather than serotonin. Could it be the reason for the positive result?