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Odd EBV test results

Hi everyone, could you guys give me your opinions regarding my odd EBV test results? Thanks so much in advance.

My EBV test results show negative EBV VCA IgG, ab but positive EBNA, ab (test done on 07/30/21 and 08/09/21). I'm a Covid Long Hauler of three years and I'm bedridden and unable to get re-tested at the moment.

Has anyone seen such an odd result? My PCP said I had it in the past (no active/reactivated EBV) but if I had it in the past, my VCA IgG should be positive though, right? Does that mean my body didn't develope IgG antibodies or maybe I did but I lost EBV VCA IgG antibodies due to Covid? On one of my CBC, my Lymphocytes was low back on 06/24/21. Does a high EBNA mean I have active infection going on maybe?


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