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Occupational Health - a tad nervous

Hi all,

I have been off work since early Nov 2019 following a viral infection, then what my GP (here in the UK) diagnosed as Post Viral Fatigue. Am waiting to see an ME specialist (which am finding are like hens teeth) to hopefully get a proper diagnosis - was referred to a neurologist who basically said he thought I had ME but he wouldn’t nail his colours to the mast and referred me to another neurologist.

I work for a global organisation who have (broadly speaking), been supportive of me seeking to rest and get better to a point where I can try to return to work.

I have recently been referred to our occupational health team and have a call with someone this week. Would be good to get other people’s experience of dealing with OH. Am nervous that I will be dealing with someone who doesn’t believe in ME or that I am going to get pressured into coming back to work - which based on my current symptoms and energy levels simply isn’t achievable (I get crazy headaches just spending 5 mins helping our 6 year old with times tables, let alone focusing for hours on spreadsheet or in meetings, that’s without the PEM).

My GP has been great and is signing me off work as required, which I hope is enough to keep OH happy and I have been trying accupuncture, seen a dietitian, neurologist, had an MRI, more blood tests than I could conceive possible and attended an ME support group locally in London, am self financing seeing the ME specialist - which I hope demonstrates that I’m not taking the p*ss. I have never been ill - other than the usual sniffs and coughs one gets from having kids..so am hoping my record speaks for itself, but still nervous..

Ant experience appreciated.

Thanks @andyguitar, the call was a much more reassuring experience than I had feared. Conclusion, ‘unfit to work’ which is what I had hoped for (given, I realistically can’t) and told not to worry about work, it will still be there when am ready to come back.
Is like I’ve now been told I can stop worrying about it for a bit, like a weight off my mind (and my wife’s!), kind of needed to hear that someone there that understood things give me ‘permission‘ to be off, which is slightly nuts..