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objective evidence for proving disability pacific fatigue labs

Heya folks,

I spoke with Staci at the pacific fatiuge labs. They have developed testing for providing objective evdience for CFS.

Sounds like attorneys can use the test results for providing objective evidence necessary to prove disability.


here is the wesite. Apparently Staci testified at the CFSAC advisroy committee on behalf of CFS folks and there is a video on the site.




Senior Member
Hi Mark,
I've read about this and it seems great but it sounds like you would have to get the testing done at their lab. Is that correct?

If that's the case, then unfortunately at least for me it's not feasible to travel there just for the test. Particularly when you're fighting for disability and have no money to begin with!!! (As I am right now...) :Retro mad:
They have one location in stockton where they do the testing that I know of (I didn't ask about about any other locations or doing the testing some place else) . I understand your frustration Dsdmom, I am over a barrell now financially too with this health crisis. It is a tough situation to be in.


Patient in training
I have looked into it a bit to get disability insurance off my case. It sounds like you need to travel with someone to take care of you- it's about 1.5 hours away from SFO- and 2000$. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to pay before getting paid, and the amount your would get paid retroactively would be worth it. It is time to get those insurance companies to pay out for a legitimate and debilitating illness.

I am currently receiving disability but who know how long I will???